Underage Drinking

A DUI arrest for those less than 21 years of age is a frightening experience. A conviction for underage drinking has consequences that can haunt young lives for years. The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Williams can guide you in successfully navigating Georgia’s criminal justice system and defend juveniles charged with DUI and alcohol-related crimes.

Fighting All Under Age 21 DUI and MIP Charges

Georgia laws regarding underage drinking, especially while driving, result in severe criminal penalties. Unlike the .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) level limit for those over 21, minors can be charged with “per se” DUI for driving within three hours of having a BAC of .02, the equivalent of one beer or less. The can also face a “less safe” DUI charge if it is determined they are less safe driving after consuming alcohol than if they had not.
A DUI or MIP conviction can follow you for years, creating problems when applying to college or graduate school, and for future employment. The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Williams can also assist in juvenile offense cases involving repeat DUI/DWI offenders. Our goal is to assist in restoring a positive structure in these young lives and lead each of them to a more promising future.

Contact an Experienced DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer

DUI defense cases involve many complex issues, from proper cause for stopping drivers suspected of underage drinking to the legitimacy of breath, blood, and field sobriety testing. Since timing is critical, contact us immediately so that we can investigate the facts and circumstances regarding the underage drinking charges your son or daughter face.

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